Start Cleaning your home arround with this Shark Rotator Professional lift away NV501

If you want a vacuum and never want another vacuum cleaner after a few months, you can try this Shark Rotator Professional lift away Upright NV501 or NV502. It is highly recommended for you if you are looking for a vacuum that has strong and enough suction power, and that is easy to maneuver which is a full sized upright vacuum. Through this shark rotator professional lift away review, I’ll paint a clear picture of these points below.

There are some several models in this Shark rotator professional lift-away series. All the model works same but some additional tools make the differences among them. I like the NV501 and NV502 model.

What is include to this post?

Shark Rotator Professional lift away review NV501

  • An Overview of this Upright vacuum.
  • What are the highlighted features?
  • The advantages and disadvantages.
  • What you’ll get in this vacuum or what is include to the box?
  • Some testimonials and video reviews.
  • Frequently asked questions.

I’ll discuss the points above I mentioned. So that you can find your desired information and needs through this whole review. Now let’s see the overview of this Shark rotator lift away upright model.

Overview of this Model

This sweeper is a great sucker of the dust and dirt playing on your floors including tile and hardwood floors, carpets and all over in your house. It has 2 power adjustments; the high suction power helps you clean any types of carpet and the low suction power to collect the dirt & dust from your hardwood as well as any type of floor.

Not only for the hardwood floor, this vacuum proved it’s cleaning ability is not restricted to floors only. This vacuum cleaner sucks dirt and dust from your low to high pile carpet, easily picks up pet hair and allows you to clean stairs, upholstery, and lot more. A complete cleaning package.

It has high suction power than the Shark rocket deluxe pro and also this Shark rotator Professional lift away upright vacuum is built in 3 in 1 technology. So that you can have 3 vacuums in 1 with never loss of its original suction power. This vacuum cleaner can be easily converted to a portable lift-away vacuum and canister vacuum by placing into the canister caddy.

  • Overall Performance 93%
  • Durability 94%
  • Features 94%
  • Design 90%
  • Convenient using 91%

The ratings in this section are compared to the other models at the same price

An Informative Video about the Shark Rotator pro model from the manufacturer

The total information at a glance, you can find about this model by watching this video. If you are not interested to read the full article you can watch this video and the videos I’ll link later in the post to find out your needs or desire.

Features and Benifits of Shark rotator Professional

While Shark launching their products with lots of modern features, this model grabs some significant modern features that make this little boy a great dust sucker. It is one of the best upright vacuums considering its cleaning ability, and compared to the other model at the doubled price.

I’ll cover here only the special features which made it great and all the dissatisfaction causes. You can buy it from Amazon and read customer review.

3 vacuums in 1: The NV501 can give you three different test of vacuum cleaner in 1. You can easily navigate this vacuum cleaner to the Upright mood, Lift-away Canister mood and above floor mood.

Rotating technology: This is one of the important features I would like to talk about especially when talking about Shark rotator series. All rotator series vacuums of Shark are designed with advanced swivel steering technology which helps you to reach inaccessible areas and corners. So it will more fun to turn your vacuum cleaner when cleaning hardwood floors and carpets at any angle.

Anti allergen complete Seal Technology: Say bye bye to the indoor allergen by this Shark vacuum cleaner which comes with anti-allergen complete seal technology. So, no more dust and allergy problems during the cleaning.

Hepa filtration traps 99.99% allergens inside the vacuum cleaner and prevents back into the air you breathe. Comes with 3 different filters like pre motor foam filter, pre-motor felt filter, post-motor HEPA filter.

Premium Pet tool attachment: The Shark Rotator Professional lift away upright vacuum NV501 comes with powerful pet tool attachment which allows you easily and quickly to lift the fur and pet hair, dust and other ground in dirt.

I found several reviews by pet owners appreciated and recommended this multi-task vacuum cleaner.

Extra long & wide cleaning: The extra long stretch hose will provide you the extra space between the cleaning area and the space from you’ll be operating this vacuum. The 30 feet long cord will help you to cover wide space so that you can clean 3 rooms by connecting it to one plug.

Some other videos you might check before buy this Shark Rotator lift away professional bagless upright

The total information at a glance, you can find about this model by watching this video. If you are not interested to read the full article you can watch this video and the videos I’ll link later in the post to find out your needs or desire.

1. Shark Rotator Pro at bare floor and carpet
2. At Lift away upright mood
3. Clean your pet hair, stairs and upholstery
4. The crevice tool cleaning


Floor Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Pet hair and other

  • It is built with ultra quiet technology which keeps the noise level low.
  • Superior multi-space (from floor to ceiling) cleaning features and brush rolls reduce your extra cost for buying a separate vacuum cleaner.
  • With rotating technology, you can turn the vacuum effortlessly under the furniture and hard to reach areas.
  • Powerful LED lights on the nozzle help you to see the darkened area while cleaning.
  • Easy to navigate and change the vacuum mood.
  • Does not scratch on the hardwood floor or tile floor. The rolling brushes can be turned off.
  • Extra large capacity of dust cup.
  • You can’t adjust the height as you required. It is fixed.
  • The machine may be clogged sometimes.
  • You can’t turn off the LED lights on the floor nozzle while the machine is ON.
  • It is a bit heavy for older people.

What you’ll get in the box?

All shark rotator series including NV500, Comes with these common following tools in the box.

  • Multi-tool,
  • Flexi 18 inch flexible crevice tool,
  • The portable canister caddy.
  • Straight suction nozzle and
  • Standard power brush.

Along with these, the different model of Shark Rotator series comes with some additional different tools.

Shark Rotator NV501: additional multi-angled dusting brush.

Shark Rotator NV502: car detail kit and all the tools mentioned above.

Also, there are some accessories you can buy an extra to make your vacuum cleaner all-rounder player.

Check different models of Shark Rotator Professional lift away Series


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about this vacuum series. So let’s have a look at the answers.

How often should I wash the filters?
Well, As I mentioned above that shark rotator vacuum comes with 3 different types of filters.

Pre-motor foam filter– You’ve to wash this filter after 3 months of use. Just rinse with the water, wash and let the filter to dry in air for at least 24 hours.

Pre-motor-felt filter– same as the pre-motor foam filter

Post-motor HEPA filter– Every 12 months or as needed.

When do I need to empty the dust cup and how to remove and empty it?
Shark is featured with never lose suction. So, you have to empty the vacuum when the dust cup reaches the maximum fill line.

To remove the dust cup, press the dust cup release button on the handle.

To empty, press “door release button” at the bottom of the dust cup.

For which purpose, the vacuum is best?
It’s an all-rounder vacuum, but works great on floors, carpets and picking pet hair.
I want to read the user manual first, is it possible?
Yes, Here is your user manual collected from the Shark.
Does it costs extra if I by throuth the link of this site?
No, It doesn’t. But you are getting the best product by clicking through the links on this site.
Is the review unbiased?
100%. Feel free to know us, If you have any doubt. We are straightforward.

Final Words:

Through this unbiased shark rotator professional lift away review of NV500, NV501, NV502, I tried to bring out the benefits and features it has for you.

The vacuum cleaner has high maneuverability and great suction power and cleaning ability with some advanced technology. Swivel steering tech and other attachment help you to clean your entire house without any hassle and no loss of its suction power.

However, sometimes it is hard to push at carpet if you can’t able to manage it properly. Let me know if you face any problem with this vacuum so that I and others can help you in the comment section. Don’t forget to leave your comments here.