Shark Rocket delux Pro Ultra Light and Truepet Upright Vacuum

Today, I’m going to review the #Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-light Vacuum. So let’s see the details overview of Shark Rocket Deluxe pro Vacuum reviews with Features, Ratings, Pros and Cons.

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  • I’ll bring a clear picture to you with the benefits of this vacuum series.
  • What features have to this model.
  • The Pros and Cons.
  • What you’ll get?
  • Some Testimonials.
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Being in an apartment, everyone wants to get compact in size appliances which give easy to storage facilities. Here is the magic of Shark rocket deluxe pro. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and very simple to handle & use.

But it is not a full sized upright vacuum like the Shark Rotator Professional lift-away. But_

This Shark Rocket series vacuum cleaner is expert for its versatile cleaning areas. It is not the only expert for cleaning floor but also an expert for deeply cleaning carpets. If you have medium to high pile carpets on your floor, it could be the best choice.

Basically, this upright vacuum cleaner is slim and handy. Not only slim, you can easily convert this Shark upright vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum with no loosing of its original suction power. So it allows you to easily clean the above floors especially the furniture, stairs and narrow spaces.

  • Performance 87%
  • Design 81%
  • Features 84%
  • Upgradeable 92%

Differences between Shark rocket Delux Pro vs Shark rocket deluxe pro truepet

The main difference among these 2 are-

  • Color.
  • Accessories- The Truepet comes with the additional mini motorized pet brush.
  • Price. The price for trupet is high than deluxpro, because it comes with an extra tool.

Informative Video review of Shark Rocket deluxe Pro Ultra Light

Here is an informative, simple, straight and to the point video review of this Shark rocket deluxe pro, so that you can find it helpful. You’ll find some questions and answer to this vidio, so have a look to this.

Shark rocket deluxePro Ultra light | Features and your benefits

This Shark upright rocket series vacuum cleaner is designed with convenient features that bring this vacuum cleaner to the upfront while remaining one step ahead to the competition.

2 speed Suction control for multi-surface: Ensuring the rocket never compromise with the suction, it is constructed with never loss suction technology. This vacuum cleaner is designed with 2 different suction control. The high suction power is for cleaning your carpets and the low suction is gentle in hard floor.

Even when the vacuum dust cup is full, still it doesn’t lose its suction.

Swivel/Rotating Technology: General vacuum cleaners are unable to rotate perfectly. As a result, dust may still play on the floor or carpets. Having this in mind, this vacuum cleaner is constructed with an advance swivel steering technology which allows reaching the unreachable areas to suck the esoteric dust.

Filtration: Shark failed to install the HEPA filter to this vacuum cleaner, they made the filtration something different. The washable and reusable filter reduces the cost of changing the filter over and over.

30 feet long cord: The cord length is 30 feet long so that 3 small rooms can be easily covered by this Shark rocket series. There is a store option of the cord in the vacuum, so you can wound the power supply cord without any hassle. The long cord gives you cleaning ability in a wide area.

2x Dust Cup and Unloading: The rocket series has 2x removable dust cup facility which is actually 2x dust cup than its younger brother HV300. The dirt cup size is good and enough for vacuuming 3 rooms. it contains approximately 0.22 gallons dust capacity.

You’ll love this upright vacuum for its easy 2 ways emptying the dirt cup. One button unloading feature will give you disturbance-free vacuuming and empty the trashes.

LED: This shark model also designed with high LED lights on the nozzle. As a result, it is more convenient to see the dark spaces under the furniture.

A brush roll indicator light on the nozzle shows you the brush roll is on or off.

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With The hardfloor attachment

Going to flip phone to Smart Phone tongue-out

Suction power


Floor Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Pet hair and Other

  • It comes with the separate attachment for hardwood floors and carpets.
  • Easy to fold and convert to handheld vacuum so that you can clean from floor to ceiling.
  • The machine has top class cleaning fitness for its high Suction power itself.
  • 30-inch long cord to cover large space of cleaning.
  • Very lightweight, user-friendly and very easy to assemble.

  • The upper part of the vacuum cleaner is a bit heavy, but it’s not bad. It doesn’t stand alone.
  • Emptying your dust cup is necessary after every big cleaning.
  • Motorized brush doesn’t off automatically. It only turns off when the machine is off.

What you’ll get in the box

So, You might want to know what is included with the deluxe pro ultra light upright vacuum cleaner.

There are just a few parts comes with this vacuum cleaner.

  • The handheld portion.
  • The extension wand
  • The motorized floor brush
  • Dusting brush
  • 12″crevice tool
  • Wall mount
  • Pet hair tool to remove pet hair.

Depending on the version you want to purchase, the rocket series vacuum comes with different accessories.

Powerful motorized hand tool, Dust away hard floor attachment, under appliances wand, home and car detail kit, multi-angle dusting brush, dusting Jennie and flexible hoses etc are the extra attachments you need to buy an extra.


Lets look into tha FAQs about this rocket series pro vacuum.

How often should use the filter?

You should wash filter every month. Rinse the filter lid and foam in the water until the water runs clean. And dry the filter in the air.

How to empty the dust cup?

Unplugged it first. Remove the dust cup by pressing the “dust cup release” button. Hold it above trash can and press door release button on the front.

For which purposes the vacuum is best?

It is best on bare floor, hardwood floor and carpets. Works great all around with the extra attachments.

I want to read the user manual, is it possible?
Yes, just click here to read the user manual
Does it cost extra or less by clicking the links?

No, It doesn’t. We’ll receive a small amount of commission if you buy through our link.

Is the review unbiased?

100%. We don’t get anything from any specific brand by promoting their product.

Final Verdict

This shark model works great in all types of carpet, tile floor, and hardwood floors. Since the vacuum cleaner doesn’t stand by itself, it is very lightweight to handle and carry. So you’ll face no problem because you can lay down the vacuum cleaner or to a wall.

This shark rocket upright vacuum cleaner is featured with 2-speed brush rolls and both brush rolls work great when going carpet to bare floor. The low speed is for rugs and bare floors and high speed is for vacuuming carpets. The two brushes are motorized. So no matter for which purpose you want to use this vacuum, you can be worry free and have this light vacuum.

I recommend this product for its great suction power, give you the ultimate cleaning experience and keep looking fresh your house. Let me know about your experience in the comment box.