Panasonic MC-UG471 review, Bag Upright Vacuum


Most of the people nowadays tend to clean and dust their houses with vacuum cleaners. Now, if you happen to be the one that is looking for a good vacuum cleaner, well, you can definitely find this Panasonic mc-ug471 review helpful. Namely, this amazing upright Panasonic vacuum is definitely one of the most convenient and possibly the best vacuums on the market.

In this Panasonic mc-ug471 review, we will be discussing everything important that you need to know before you make a decision about buying this amazing vacuum cleaner.

In this review you can find:

  • A short overview of the product
  • Highlighted features, specifications, and details.
  • All that comes included.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Frequently asked questions.
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A Short Overview of the Panasonic MC-UG471

There is a lot of ways to describe this vacuum cleaner. Namely, this best Panasonic vacuum is definitely going to make your cleaning choirs easier and more efficient. Now, as we all know, the Panasonic is absolutely one of the leading companies in the category of vacuum cleaners. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that this exact model is one of their best works.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with the special set of features that are boosting the performance and overall value of the vacuum greatly. We will discuss those features later, as for now we can say that this vacuum is made not only to perform well but also to look good as well.

Since this is an upright vacuum cleaner, the overall appearance is easily rated as one of the most beautiful vacuums. Most of the people actually like the red color in a combination with the dark brown components which are placed perfectly on the sides and the top of the vacuum.

Never the less, let’s go forward and see what this vacuum actually holds.

Highlighted Features, specifications, and details of Panasonic MC-UG471

First of all, we must mention that every single feature that we will be discussing is directly contributing to the overall performance, durability, and value. Now, we will list some of the most important features that you need to know which will give you the best insight into the product.

1) Powerful 12-Amp Motor

Namely, the upright Panasonic vacuum has the powerful yet silent 12-Amp motor that delivers strong and efficient cleaning performance. You will be able to clean the house in no time with this amazing vacuum. Also, the motor is going to do wonders if you come across some pretty big pile of dirt or mess.

Because of its powerful motor, the upright Panasonic vacuum is able to clean perfectly and without any complications.

2) HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are absolutely worth the money! Why? Well, the HEPA filter is the most efficient way of capturing those small particles like allergens, pollutant, and irritants as well.

Simply speaking, when you vacuum your house, you won’t have to worry about allergens spreading all around since this vacuum will get rid of them.

3) Motor Protection System

Now, possibly the most important feature is the motor protection system that channels the dirt directly in the Panasonic upright vacuum bags or the dust cup. This means that there will be no contact between motor fan and the dirt.

Simply put, the motor will work without any complications and the dirt will go in the correct place where you can throw it out later.

4) Auto Carpet-height Adjustment

With the auto carpet-height adjustment, your job of cleaning will be really easier and actually more efficient with this upright Panasonic vacuum cleaner. You can actually clean different type of floors and carpets without manually adjusting the height of the vacuum.

Never the less, since this is an automatic adjustment feature, you can definitely benefit a lot from it.

5) Automatic cord rewind

When it comes to the automatic cord rewind feature, we can say that this can be a really handy feature to have. Namely, upright Panasonic vacuum is known for its convenience and ‘’easy to operate with’’ features.

The automatic cord rewind can actually save you a lot of time and energy when you are done cleaning and have to put your vacuum aside.

6) Headlight on the Front

This is another automatic feature that will make your cleaning process easier and more efficient. Namely, there are headlights on the front of the vacuum that automatically turns on when you start vacuuming. With them lighting up your way, you can’t miss a spot definitely.

This is absolutely helpful when you vacuum those ‘’hard to reach’’ areas that are not that visible.


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Headlight on the Front 85%

The main features and specifications:

  • Made out of plastic with metal components.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Weights 20 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 10.7 x 16.6 inches.
  • Cleaning path range – 15 inches.
  • Cord length – 24 feet.
  • Handle type – Molded
  • Wheels – standard type

Accessories that come with Panasonic MC-UG471

Now, we will list some of the most important accessories that come included with the upright Panasonic vacuum cleaner. All these accessories are definitely helpful and make the cleaning process easier and more efficient. Let’s see.

1) Onboard stretch hose

2) 2 standard wands

3) Dusting brush

4) Crevice tool

With these accessories, you will be able to instantly clean some above-floor mess or dirt. Most of the people use it cleaning of the drapes or some stains on the walls.

  • Outstanding cleaning performance.
  • Splendid durability and overall protection.
  • Equipped with the ‘’easy to use’’ features.
  • Includes HEPA filter for getting rid of the allergens.
  • Beautiful design and paper red color.
  • The powerful but not that noisy motor.
  • A little bit hard to maneuver with.
  • Requires a bit more energy and effort since it is not the lightweight vacuum.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) Q: Can u vacuum different type of carpets and floors with this vacuum?

A: You can definitely use this vacuum to clean all sorts of carpets and floors. It will perform great on all types.

2) Q: Does it take a lot of space for storage?

A: No it doesn’t. You can actually store this vacuum in a regular storage room.

3) Q: I am allergic to dust and most of the allergens. Will this vacuum help?

A: Of course it will. With the HEPA filter, you will have the allergens-free household in no time.

4) Q: Does it need to be maintained often?

A: Not very often, no.


In the light of everything we said in this Panasonic mc-ug471 review, we can only conclude that if you are looking for some quality vacuum, this is the one. With everything this vacuum has to offer, you will definitely benefit a lot.

Now, it is only up to you to decide if this amazing vacuum cleaner will be your helpful asset when the cleaning of the house is needed. Everything important is already in here – Panasonic vacuum reviews.

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