Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum

Introduction Just seriously imagine life without a vacuum cleaner. This simple gadget can be found in any and is simply impossible to imagine life in a developed country without one. It makes one of the most tedious chores a person can do much simpler and easier. And not only does it make it easier, you will do it much faster, and will be more thorough than with anything else. Now, we know that you know just how important vacuum cleaners are, but sometimes we take them for granted. Especially when you see how many there are on the market. That’s why we have taken the time to review the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum. One of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, the Oreck will truly improve your life in many ways. Read on to find out just how good this vacuum is, and what makes it so gosh darn special.

About Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum in General

In general, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best on the market, and for good reason. The Oreck commercial xl2100rhs bags Oreck xl commercial vacuum is not only a powerful vacuum, it’s especially good for cleaning low pile carpets thanks to its 12 inch-wide cleaning path. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use. You won’t have to bend down to turn it off, or fiddle with any cables. The on and off switch is placed near the handgrip. It also has an in-built, automatic floor adjustment, making it able to easily switch from a carpet to a hard surface. Again, another ease of use factor, since there is no bending down or working extra hard to set the thing up. The Oreck commercial xl2100rhs review Oreck xl upright vacuum has a very powerful, high-speed balanced brush roll, as well as double helix brushes. These whirl at 6.500 revolutions per minute, and so actually help the vacuum work better by moving any debris and dirt towards it. Finally, the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs bags Oreck xl commercial vacuum is relatively lightweight, weighing in at around 8.2 pounds, or 3.7 kilograms. But, this is just a brief summary of its benefits. Below you will find the full and detailed review of its many advantages and just a few small faults.

Manufacturer’s specifications, features, and details of Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum

Now, the main specifications of the Oreck xl handheld vacuum are as follows:

  • It weighs 8.2 pounds or 3.7 kilograms
  • Its 9 inches long, 12 inches wide and its 47 inches tall
  • Specified equally for both hard surfaces and carpets
  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • Helping hand ease of use handle
  • 6500 RPM for the double helix brushes
  • One year warranty
  • Non-marring bumpers
  • Top fill bag
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While we gave you a quick summary of just how good this vacuum cleaner is, now we are finally getting into some extra detail about this bad boy. In our opinion, it is all round an excellent product, but it’s especially great for people with back pain, seniors, or just for individuals that have trouble bending down. It has three features that work in tandem with making it extra comfortable to use. First, the floor adjustment. In order to vacuum your floor properly, you will need to adjust the vacuum in some way or another. This one switches out the brush automatically. This means you won’t need to bend down in order to adjust the thing. Next, it has an on and off switch at the top of the handle. This also means that you won’t need to bend down and press the switch if you want to turn it off. For people with bad hips and slipped disks, this is a godsend. Not only that, but you won’t have to fumble with cables like some other vacuum cleaners force you to do in order to switch them off. The third feature actually got this vacuum cleaner a commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Its “Helping hand” handle is ergonomically designed, making it a perfect fit for anybody and everybody palm. Not only that, but it’s constructed in such a way that there is minimal squeezing of the hand, and virtually non-existent bending and twisting of the writs. And this is why it got its Ease of Use commendation. Next, it’s extremely thorough and powerful. Because of its 12-inch wide cleaning path, it’s great even for those thick, low pile carpets. Furthermore, thanks to its width, it can clean almost anywhere, while still being strong enough to pick most debris in one fell swoop. It has a very fast brush roll with brushes that make over 6500 revolutions per minute, siphoning and moving the debris towards the vacuum’s inlet, making quick work of even the dirtiest of carpets and rooms. Also, you won’t have to worry about damaging your furniture when moving it about because this vacuum cleaner has a specialized non-marring bumper that doesn’t leave tracks on your stuff when you inevitably bump into them. And the top fill bag will not make your vacuum lose power, no matter how much it fills up.

  • Pros and highlights of the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum
  • Now, we are clear on its unique and special characteristics, but the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs bags Oreck xl upright vacuum has a couple of extra highlights, such as:

    • Very easy to use – lightweight, ergonomic handle and specialized switch. While each of these may not be as valuable on its own, all of them combined really make it one of the most back-friendly vacuums on the market. Your hips and wrists will thank you for getting this one.
    • Furniture friendly – With its low profile, automatic adjustments and even coming with a non-marring bumper, your furniture will stay safe and sound, unmarred and undamaged, no matter how many times you bump into it.
    • Powerful – as we have probably mentioned a ton of times by now, the revolutions per minute are great and can pick the shaggiest of dog hair and clean the dustiest of attics.
    • Tough and durable parts – this vacuum cleaner uses the best parts available. It has a permanent belt, 40 feet of strong cord and high-quality brushes, all of which will last for a long time. This is all emphasized by the fact that you get a one year warranty on the Oreck upright vacuum cleaner.
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    • Cons and potential flaws of the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum

    Now, we have covered all that makes this great vacuum, well, great. But, nothing is perfect, and neither is this vacuum cleaner. It has a couple of issues that we should probably address. Namely:

    • Very loud – While it has many advantages, it is truly a shame that there is no kind of muffling system installed in this vacuum. In other words, it can be quite loud when used. Still, nothing a solid pair of earphones won’t fix.

    The suction section can be small – While we personally believe that a relatively narrow suction inlet is a good thing, other people may find it annoying and frustrating. Though other prefer it for its suction power and precisio

    Conclusion Well, there you have it, folks. By now you should have a pretty clear perspective on this vacuum cleaner. One of the best money can buy, this vacuum really is great for its price. It’s strong, its durable, its great for everybody, even those with back and wrist problems. Its speed and suction power, as well as easy to use design more than make up for just how loud it is. This pretty much sums it up. The Oreck xl commercial vacuum gives you everything you need to clean up your home in a second.

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