A modern sweeper is we know as the vacuum cleaner. Dust can easily be removed by it. Among the other vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum cleaner is one of them. This type of vacuum is very famous in the United States. But not all the upright vacuum cleaners are good or the best.

choose best upright vacuum cleaner

Here in this article, I’m going to share the best upright vacuum cleaner buying guide and details so that you can have some knowledge before buying your vacuum cleaner. The upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning carpets. If you are having carpets in your home then this type of vacuum is often recommended by us and the satisfied customers.

This helps you to clean your floor very easily in a short period of time. The top rated upright vacuum cleaners help you in cleaning curtains, swags and many more items. An upright vacuum cleaner has very common, traditional and popular designs. Modern upright vacuum cleaner comes with bagless and bagged version. Upright vacuums are primarily two types. They are_

• Direct fan: In this case, the dirt passes directly through the fan before going to the bag. This feature is found mostly in commercial vacuums.
• Clean air: The other name of it is fan bypass. It’s mostly found in today’s domestic vacuums. The motor is fitted just after the filter bag. Before it passes through the fan the dust is removed from the bag by the air stream. The cleaning principle of an upright vacuum is very simple. It comes with a rotating brush roll which helps in suction and allows you to collect more dust particles.

In a very short period of time, this product has been favorite by almost every house owners. Since it is liked by a lot of consumers, so the manufacturers of the upright vacuum cleaner have made a lot of options available for the customers. Today there are various top rated upright vacuum cleaner models are out in the market. Some of them are lightweight models, dual models, HEPA filtration and much more.

What Qualities Should I check before buying a vacuum cleaner?

These days cleaning have been fun. It’s no more a boring stuff like before it was. So there are few things that we need to keep in mind while buying the top rated upright vacuum cleaner. Buying a cheaper vacuum won’t give you the service that you expect from it. Before buying the best upright vacuum cleaner you have to consider the following things according to your demand.

1. Suction power:

Well, vacuum cleaners are built to suck dust particles from your home. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner helps it to suck the dirt of the place. The effectiveness of removing dirt depends on the suction power. suction power of vacuum cleaner A high suction power helps in removing dust particle from carpets, floor and even from the tricky places or corners of the house. Higher suction power allows to removing difficult impurities from anywhere of the house.
On the other hand, A lower suction power vacuum will not give you the result that higher suction power gives. There might remains dirt in the house for using lower suction power vacuums. So, the house will remain neat and clean if the vacuum cleaner has higher suction power. Is it necessary that a higher suction power vacuum has a strong motor? Well, it’s not necessary to have a strong motor. It totally depends on the features of that vacuum. By switching the vacuum to carpet mode you can check its suction power. If the suction power is high then it will stay attached for a long time on the object you are testing it. The Upright vacuum cleaner also has this feature in it. Having an Upright vacuum cleaner with high suction power reduces your effort to clean your house. It easily reaches all the corners of the house and collects all the dust particles. We can come to the conclusion that suction power matters a lot.

2. Bagged or Bagless:

The modern upright vacuum cleaners allow you choose between a bagged and a non bagged (bagless) one. Bag and bagless According to your benefit select any one of them. The bagless version allows you to save some of your money as it is less expensive than the bagged version. The bagged version is perfect for the people who suffer from allergies. The bagged version also helps you in emptying the dust. So according to your benefit select it.

3. Corded or Cordless:

Upright vacuum cleaners are available with and without the cord.corded vs cordless The Cordless upright vacuum runs with Electricity, but there is an alternative option to run this machine with a battery built in. You can charge the machine and obviously, it takes plenty of time to fully charge. While the corded vacuum runs by direct wall plug. Thus The suction power of corded vacuum better than cordless vacuum. If we compare about the lifespan of these. A corded upright vacuum has a longer lifespan than the cordless one. the corded vacuum has more dirt holding capability than cordless vacuum. A cordless vacuum cleaner is portable, lighter cheap than corded version. As a result, you can clean the challenging corners of your house by easily carrying it. Also, it is a challenge to clean wide areas properly by using the cordless vacuum. Both of them are liked by the customers.

4. Length of power cord:

If you want an upright vacuum cleaner with cord then you should keep in mind that every model of the corded upright vacuum cleaner has different length of power cord. You can use the vacuum further if it has a longer cord. Without changing the outlets of the vacuum you can use it further. So the power cord should be lengthy and one thing that we must keep in mind is that we need to check the cleaning radius that length of the cord given by the particular model of upright vacuum cleaner.

5. Noise:

While cleaning the house with the vacuum cleaner, a noise is created by it which is pretty annoying. Every machine in the world makes noise. Your family members will also be very annoyed if they hear a noisy thing cleaning their house daily. But there are some machines which make less noise. So we should buy those machines for uprooting this problem. There are 3 quiet vacuums in the market. The Upright vacuum is one of them. An ordinary vacuum cleaner noise level is around 78-80dB. On the other hand, the noise level of a quiet vacuum cleaner is less than 72db. There is a huge collection of quiet vacuum cleaners in the market.
Before buying, if these things are considered then you will be able to buy the best or top rated upright vacuum cleaner.

6. The type of your floor:

The type of flooring you have in your home could very much dictate the type of vacuum cleaner you should be buying. Not all vacuum cleaners are versatile enough to work their magic on all surfaces, so it needs to be confirmed that the vacuum cleaner you are buying is compatible with your floor type. If you have tiles or hardwood floorings in your home you need to select a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t have a revolving brush or has a dual mode feature which allows the revolving brush to be turned off. Choose soft and flexible bristles to avoid scratches on the floor.

Look into more Deep

While looking after the common factors above, we need to look after something deeper to get that ultimate vacuum cleaner we should purchase. This additional looks can make your cleaning task easier even more convenient.

7. Special features:

Every vacuum cleaner has suction power in it. This helps it in sucking the dirt and dust particles. The better the suction power the better the cleaning. Most of the upright vacuum cleaner now days are being launched in the market with great and unique features adding to it. Some of the special features of it are Suction control, dual motors, dirtbag indicator, rotating technology, ball technology, filtration system and much more. All these features help the customers in cleaning their home without any hassle. There are so many features available in it so that you can get your desired upright vacuum cleaner.
So while buying check the features of different models and choose the perfect one for you.

8. Buying from a trustworthy company:

There are lots of frauds out there in the market selling low-quality upright vacuum cleaners with the tag of good features in a very low amount of money. Customers always look for a product which is cheap and good. The cheap products might not always be good. Since upright vacuum cleaner is very popular and it is being used by almost every ordinary people, that’s why the real manufacturer sells it at a very affordable price. So while buying a top rated or a good upright vacuum cleaner, you should always buy from a popular brand which provides good services. These above points will also help you from financial losses. Let’s find the advantages and the disadvantages of an Upright vacuum cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages of upright vacuum cleaner:

There are a lot of models and brands of the upright vacuum cleaners in the market. All of them have more or less same advantages and disadvantages in it. A vacuum cleaner is a bit expensive compared to the other household utilities. For that reason, we have to be very sure knowing the advantages and disadvantages, in details before buying it. The advanced technology has launched various models of the upright vacuum with adding different features in it. Since all other machines of the world have pros and cons, it also has pros and cons. You should know about the pros and cons of this product so that he/she can get the right one. In the market, there are different shapes and sizes of the upright vacuum cleaner. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these features will help you get the best upright vacuums.


The advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner are given below:

  • This vacuum is affordable. This is one of the main reasons for being famous in America. A guy with an ordinary salary can afford it very easily.
  • You don’t have to bend to use this vacuum. A lot of complaints are given by the customers since they have to bend to use other vacuum cleaners. But this complaint is yet not seen by the customers of an upright vacuum cleaner. It makes the task easier and helps you to avoid back sour. It also gives you less stress on your leg muscles.
  • Upright vacuum cleaner allows you to switch from one types of surface to another very smoothly. We have different surfaces in our home. For that often we have to switch our vacuum to clean it perfectly.
    But in case of it, we don’t need to change it manually. It changes automatically as soon as it touches a new surface. So we now don’t need to think about changing the vacuum again and again.
  • The Upright vacuum cleaner has a special feature that’s the manufacturers has located the power switch on the handle or on the base of the equipment. This feature helps you in making the cleaning process friendlier as you don’t have to bend down to switch it on and off your vacuum.
  • You can use the foot lever or use the handle switch which is very easy to flip. So, no more bending problems you have to face for this feature.
  • Upright vacuum cleaner cleans your carpets very easily. It is built in brushing action helps you to remove dust particles and dirt deeply from your carpet. No matter how difficult the dirt is you can remove it with the improved built-in brushing action of it.
  • In each cleaning movement, you can cover more space by the best upright vacuum cleaner. It’s because the brushes provide wider cleaning areas. So the wide spaces of your house can be clean with less effort.
  • Some of us have hard floors in our house. We have to change cleaning equipment for it. But using an upright vacuum cleaner will allow you to clean your hard floors just by changing the settings of it. In one sense your money is saved.
  • A lot of accessories of the upright vacuum cleaner are available. These accessories help you to upgrade or fix your vacuum cleaner.


The disadvantages of the upright vacuum cleaner are given below:

  • More or less we all have complex corners in our home. These corners are very challenging for us to clean. Even after using the upright vacuum cleaner, still the corner remains bit dusty and dirty.
  • The suction power of upright vacuum cleaner is strong than the other vacuum cleaners. So definitely it will not perform better than the others in this particular section of pushing and pulling.
  • The sound insulation of it is not good compared to the other vacuum cleaners in the market.
    Upright vacuum cleaners can be heavy. They can weigh up to 20 pounds. So it becomes very difficult to move it from one place to another place of the house.

The Final Words

The Europeans were the first to launch quiet vacuum cleaners which make less noise. In the market a lot of quiet upright vacuums cleaners are available. In quiet vacuum cleaners, you can low your sound and sometimes there is an even silent mode in it. These are the latest features of quiet vacuum cleaners. Every vacuum in the world has pros and cons in it. No vacuum is perfect for all tasks.

But the majority of pros are more than the cons in the upright vacuum cleaner. The Upright vacuum is preferred for cleaning the carpets, swags and rugs. If most of the surfaces of your house are covered by carpets then this vacuum can be used to clean it perfectly. Checking your comfort level you should decide on having it or not. We all want to live in a neat and clean ambiance.

Diseases may break out if the living place is not clean enough. If dustings are not done regularly then allergic problems will increase in the home. So we need to be very cautious about our health. Using upright vacuum cleaner will help us keep our living place dust and dirt free. This will make us lead a healthy and disease-free life.