Hey, you are desperate for finding a best vacuum cleaner? If so, then you are on the right page. After judging a lot of vacuum cleaner of the market, we found a best for you. Let’s have a look at it.  Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – Corded is one of the best sledge vacuum cleaners on the market. Its price is in line with other models of the brand Dyson Ball Animal 2 UprightIt is much for confusing to select the best vacuum cleaner from a huge variety of befuddling features. Basically, users want a vacuum cleaner which is the best for cleaning, not its appealing design.  Here you will know about Dyson ball multi-floor reviews. Here we tried to answer the following questions.


What will have in this review guide?


  • An overview of Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – Corded.
  • What are the highlighted features?
  • The pros and cons of this Vacuum cleaner
  • What will you get in this Upright Vacuum?
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here I will give you details information on mentioned points. I hope that you will be able to get more ideas on Dyson Ball Multi floor Vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – Corded review (overview of this model):

The vacuum cleaner has plenty of power to vacuum dust from carpets and any other type of dirt. However, it does not come with the turbo brush. That incorporates a rotating roller to collect more efficiently some types of dirt such as pet hairs.   Aesthetically, the dyson ball multi floor vacuum cleaners look very similar to many models. The color of the upper lid of the tank is an orange color. That shares this feature with another dyson ball multi floor cleaner. Its spherical shape contributes to the maneuverability.   Since like many other dyson ball multi floor vacuum cleaners. It puts on foot to a very low center of gravity. It is a Dyson’s Multi-Floor 2 upright vacuum cleaner without a bag. The dirt is stored in a transparent tank.   It is made of right quality materials. That justifies the price compared to other models of other brands. The device eventually ends up breaking before or merely stop sucking effectively. It is worth keeping in mind that it is a voluminous vacuum. That is not comfortable to climb or descend stairs with it.

  • Performance 87%
  • Design 81%
  • Features 84%
  • Upgradeable 92%

What are the highlighted features of dyson ball multi floor vacuum cleaner?

Along with the Dyson Ball Multi floor vacuum cleaners, you will find 4 or 5 models. That is not easy to find the differences. The manuals are quite generic and do not go into specific details. To make matters worse, in online stores like Amazon. That can increase confusion even more. To clarify things a bit and know the characteristics of the Ball Multi floor model, let us go in parts.

Radial Root Cyclone technology

The cinetic models are the most advanced. It is an improvement in cyclonic technology. It has 36 cyclones that separate the microscopic dust. That can clog the other vacuum cleaners. Therefore, there is no maintenance of filters and does not lose suction

Results obtain in parquet floors

In the park, the same thing happens in the previous case. It has good performance with the brush it brings. If you are looking for a special for wooden floors, the most convenient if you look for a model. That brings as a standard the parquet brush, or that you buy the accessory separately. It is a narrower brush that concentrates more capacity of suction. It better traps the dust. This type of brushes has very soft bristles that drag the dirt. It is easier to maneuver with it in specific areas. That is between the legs of the chairs, for example. It is not essential to clean a parquet floor. It improves the result and makes cleaning more comfortable.

Best filtration quality

That is very easy to remove and empty without coming into contact with dirt. The handle is articulated helps you maneuver more comfortably. The quality of the materials is very similar to any other Dyson vacuum cleaner. It allows that the air. That leaves the vacuum cleaner almost does not need to be filtered. Since until the smallest particles separated from the air. They are catches in the deposit.

Easy method to use around furniture and baseboards

The Dyson has high-quality accessories to use efficiently. In this device, include special brushes for delicate floors. That is for great turbo-brushes to clean pet hair on the textile surface or soft floors. Depending on the model, it will bring some accessories instead of others. The Dyson Ball Multi floor has double position brush valid for all types of floors (hard or soft). You can use it at a difficult angle of furniture and rugs.

The main features are:

  • Weight 7 Kg
  • Dimensions 39.9 x 30.8 x 34.7 cm
  • Capacity 1.8 liters
  • 800-Watt power
  • Metal material, plastic
  • Energy efficiency A
  • Cleaning level on carpet D
  • Cleaning level in soil A
  • Dust re-emission class A
  • Noise 85 dB

What will you get in this Dyson Ball Multi floor?

  • Soft brush
  • Nozzle for upholstery
  • Accessory for corner and narrow places

Check before buying accessories since it does not well specified. There may be some confusion. If you buy it when it is on sale, with the money you save you can buy a special brush. Before buying, you should know if it is the best option for your needs. Anyone who has used it will tell you.


Floor Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Pet hair and Other

  • More efficient in separating dirt from air
  • Almost all the dirt trapped in the tank
  • It needs less maintenance.
  • The cinetic do not carry a washable cylindrical filter
  • Fewer suction losses caused by dirt in the filters
  • Long life
  • No need to touch the dust
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Need to apply force to use Dyson’s Multi-Floor 2 upright vacuum due to its weight.
  • Users may require time to set the machine on a ball


How is vacuuming carpets?
It works well on carpets.
What does it suit for soft floors?
The universal brush has a specific position for soft floors.
What is the difference from other similar Dyson models?
The main difference with the “Ball” model is in the number of cyclones. The big ball has a second cyclone line (2 radial tires).
What does it suit for hard floors, carpets?
Dyson Ball Multi floor employs multi-cyclonic particle separation technology. You can use it on hard floor and carpet.
Is it the best choice within Dyson for people with allergies?
Yes, it is the best choice within Dyson to stay free from allergies.

Final Verdict

Dyson Ball Multi floor Plus, it is still a Dyson. It guarantees high performance when vacuuming any type of dirt. Regarding the number of accessories, should not discourage you from your purchase. It is a versatile vacuum, as its name suggests, valid for all types of floors. It is comfortable to maintain and does not lose suction power at the first change. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – Corded is more suitable for medium or large housing. You could use where cleaning needs and the possibilities when finding a place to store it are greater.