Start Removing Dirt and Dust from Hardwood floor and Carpets with These Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Are you looking for the best upright vacuum cleaner? How do you find a perfect one for you? Generally, many questions come, before you buy the best upright vacuum cleaner.

“Even buying a swimsuit is super difficult” _Chloe Sevigny

Are you shocked by reading the quote above? I was too. And after years of research on several products, I realized that. Choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner is also not an easygoing. You have to do a simple research or learn about Vacuums. A simple knowledge can help you to find the best upright vacuum cleaner for your needs. One more thing… Best Upright vacuum cleaner Actually many questions come regarding an upright vacuum if you want the best. Don’t you think about the money spent to buy a Vacuum? If not, then you are buying it emotionally. And if you can’t control your emotion, you can’t control your money. As well as you are losing the money. I don’t want to buy a junk with the money invest. And there are 100 possibilities to get junk. Because, there are a lot of available vacuum cleaners in the market. As because of it an investment. So, you must think about your every investment. Especially I am very aware of it. I also think about the features and benefits before owning a product. Because, these are the actual reasons, for I should be spent. There is much more to tell you when the topic is “best upright vacuum cleaner”. I’ll add 10 best upright vacuum cleaner reviews and show you the reason, why these 10 sweepers are best.

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Top 10 Best Upright vacuum cleaner

NameWeight (lbs)Filtration1 Special feature
Dyson17.4HepaAuto floor adjustment
Shark15.15Seal tech + HepaSwivel steering, LED
Shark8.6HepaSwivel steering, LED
Hoover23Rinsable HepaIndicator, 5 Height adjustment
Oreck11.4BagAuto floor adjustment
Eureka15.5HepaAir speed tech, auto cord winding
Bissel15.5Multi-levelOne pass technology
Panasonic20HEPA FilterProtection system shields fan
Dyson ball 215.6Hepa filtrationSelf adjusting

Top 10 best upright vacuum cleaner reviews

Remind, All reviews included in this section are the summury, of that particular vacuum sweeper. Clicking on the name of any particular upright vacuum cleaner will redirect you to the full review post.

#1. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

97% satisfied customers of this model would recommend the Dyson ball animal 2 upright vacuum to a friend. Dyson brand ranks highest for features, performance and styling/appearance and scores 843 out of 1000 points for the upright model. I checked that “This vacuum is certified by Asthma & Allergy friendly™ (AAFC) for its outperform against allergens and bacteria. The certification Number is AAFC: 1283/14/03/01/1989. This bagless vacuum is designed with Hepa filtration system that traps allergens and bacteria inside the vacuum, keep your air fresh to breathe. There is much more to tell you about this vacuum. It has awesome sealed suction power. The self-adjusting feature of the cleaner head, adjust automatically when it goes from floor to carpet. Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum

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  • Strongest suction power to collect pet hair, even for a tougher task.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head to clean smoothly by adjusting the height.
  • Instant release wand and Hose that helps to clean your floor to ceiling including under furniture.
  • Designed for a home with pets and for the allergy sufferer.
  • Washable lifetime filter including various cleaning tools.
  • Price is little higher than other vacuums in the market.
  • It is heavier for older people.
  • Bad for those who has a sore shoulder.
Final Verdict: This model of Dyson brand got more positive reviews from the critics for its service. More or less every product has its positive and negative side. Considering the pros and cons again, you should buy this vacuum if you have four-legged loving friend dancing around your home ie; floor and carpet.

#2. Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away Upright Vacuum (3 in 1)

Are you looking for a vacuum at the reasonable price than Dyson? Especially for the price, this vacuum blows away the Dyson model. This shark rotator professional lift away upright vacuum is the best seller in the category. It snatches average 4.5 star positive reviews from the satisfied customer.

Check customer reviews at Amazon After Dyson, Shark vacuum brand claimed the highest 2nd position. It scores 834 out of 1000. From the powerful upright vacuum, you can easily convert this to the lift away portable and canister vacuum to clean every space of your home without any hassle. Want to clean your whole house faster and better? The Shark rotator professional has powerful suction to deep clean your carpets and bare floors. This vacuum cleaner has the complete sealed technology and HEPA filter that traps 99.99% allergens inside the vacuum. Enhanced swivel steering and LED on the floor nozzle helps to ease of moving around and under furniture. It ensures every corner cleaning by reaching to the hard to reach areas. Shark-Rotator-Professional-Lift-away-upright-vacuum

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  • Ultra light vacuum with powerful suction.
  • Enhanced swivel steering with powerful LED on the nozzle.
  • Multi surface cleaning with brush roll control and special pet tools for cleaning pet hair.
  • Cheap price than the other vacuum cleaner in the market.
  • Minimize noise during cleaning for no disturbance.
  • The wide range of cleaning path and 2x dust cup.
  • Can’t adjust the height, it is fixed. But works great by brush roll control.
  • However, the weight is 15.5 lbs heavy for older people.
  • The LED on the nozzle can’t be turned off during the machine is on.
Final Verdict: Here is something else about this upright vacuum cleaner. According to Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness testing by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F608 – 11), it scored significant position among the other vacuum cleaner. It works great on hardwood floor and carpets, but it is upgradable to clean stairs, curtains etc. As the price is low you can have this vacuum by clicking on the button below.

#3. Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-light upright Vacuum

If you are looking for the best ultra light upright vacuum, this bagless vacuum cleaner is best for you. This is extremely lightweight and easy to operate. Though it is not a full size upright vacuum, the good thing of this vacuum is that “It has much better suction power than its elder brother hv302.” This vacuum cleaner is able to suck the dust and dirt from your deep pile carpet and bare floor. It also easily converts to a handheld vacuum that is able to clean your entire house, but no loss of its original suction power. The other important thing you should know about this machine. It performs great on vacuuming your car too. It comes with an extra tool for removing pet hair and multi surface cleaning with brush roll control.

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  • Washable filter never needs to be replaced but simple maintenance.
  • Easy & fast maneuvering. 2 in 1 design allows cleaning floor to ceil.
  • Speed control with just one button and LED lights with swivel steering technology.
  • Include Dust-away hard floor attachment.
  • Very lightweight, user friendly and very easy to assemble.
  • It doesn’t stay upright because the upper part of this vacuum is heavy than the lower part. You have to lay it down.
  • Doesn’t work great for the long fur of pet.
  • Doesn’t have HEPA filter, so not recommendet for Allergy sufferers.
Final Verdict: Some consumer complaint against this vacuum sweeper that it is not the best for pet fur. But It works overall if your pet has short length fur. More or less every product has pros and cons. If your consideration point is hard floor and carpet, this ultra-light upright vacuum cleaner has a lot more to give you with its amazing adjusting features.
#4. Hoover WindTunnel t-series rewind bagless uh70120 recall Deep clean those dirty floors with the utilization of wind tunnel technology that increases the vacuum efficiency. It is engineered with cyclonic technology and consistency suction power to drawn the particles directly into the dust cup. Are you bored with the power cord winding? Let the hassle gone by using the auto cord winding feature. With over 4635 five star review on Amazon, this vacuum cleaner came to the upfront of the customer’s choice for its suction power. I found many positive customer reviews regarding the modern features especially the height adjustment feature and system check indicator. The system check indicator shows you, when the dust cup needs to be empty and when the filter needs cleaning or maintenance. There were some complaints about the cord length is not enough, same for the hose. Some customer also complaints that it is terrible on hard floor while great for carpet. But most of the consumers said, it works for both carpet and hard floor. Hoover-windtunnel-t-series-rewind-bagless-uh70120-recall

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  • Earlier I mentioned about the height adjustment. It has 5 position height adjustment that let you settings from deep carpet to hard floor.
  • System check indicator indicates if there is any clog happen, when to emptying the dust cup and check or replace the filter.
  • Comes with 27 feet long cord, 12″ Extension Wand, Crevice Tool, 8 feet long Hose, Turbo Tool and Dusting Brush.
  • Brush roll on/off switch.
  • No LED on the floor nozzle.
  • 2 years limited warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The Hepa filter is not washable.
  • Consumer complaints about the cord and hose length.
Final Verdict: Compared with some other similar model, I found this vacuum cleaner is quieter. But here’s the best news that assemble/disassemble is very easy for this machine. Not only this, some consumer argued that it is the excellent product they have ever used. When I asked the consumers about the product recommendation, they would happily recommend this product to a friend. If you are looking for a light weight, easy to use vacuum then you should consider investing in this product. Check the detailed info by clicking the button below.

#5. Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright Vacuum review

If you need a bagged vacuum that especially works great on low to high pile carpet, my sister would recommend this vacuum cleaner. I gave this vacuum cleaner to my sister in 2 years ago in Christmas as a Christmas gift and she loves it. She has a cat with hard floors and area rugs and she says it does the job with its good suction power. There are good news and bad news about this vacuum. While it does a great job on the carpet, it is not self-propelled. You have to push this vacuum for cleaning. So this vacuum cleaner is not for older people who age above 80 years. There is no wand and Hose with this vacuum cleaner, so it is unable to clean above floor. But as the vacuum costs less than $200, you can buy a handheld vacuum with the savings to clean above floor. Oreck commercial xl2100rhs Upright Vacuum

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  • Strong suction with brush rolls including side brushes that work well on a baseboard.
  • Not very expensive for a pro-grade commercial vacuum cleaner.
  • It has low profile design that helps you cleaning under furniture and hard to reach areas.
  • It is durable; my sister is using this vacuum since 2 years.
  • Most recommended for allergy sufferers.
  • It is not capable of above floor cleaning.
  • It has a short warranty, no swivel steering & lights on the nozzle.
  • You’ll need to spend for bag replacement that might cost extra.
  • Need to change belt after every 8 months.
Final Verdict: My sister said, “This vacuum cleaner has a super great suction power and very easy to handle for its light weight.” Compared to the other vacuum cleaner in the market, It is very light weight. It’s weight only 8 lbs. It has automatic floor adjustment feature to help to adjust the vacuuming when going carpet to bare floors.

#6. Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A review

Do you own a PET? This Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A model is a great choice for the pet owners. With having all the features, those are available with the Oreck commercial xl2100rhs mentioned above, there is lot more thing you should know about this Eureka sweeper. Keep in mind; this is a bagless upright vacuum but no problem for allergy sufferer while it has two high efficiency allergen filter. I would like to talk about the area it cleans. Almost 13.5 inch cleaning path with having powerful suction. The power cord and Hose length added some twist here. A very powerful motor picks pet fur from the carpet. It has height adjustment feature on different types of floors that work great. Eureka-AirSpeed-Unlimited-Rewind-AS3030A-review

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  • Both the filter and dust cup are washable and reusable, reduces your frequent replacement costs.
  • Total 39 foot reach area. 27 foot cord+12 foot deluxe stretch hose.
  • High efficiency allergy filter prevent allergens from escaping through the exhaust.
  • It has automatic cord winding feature to helping you minimize the hassle of after cleaning winding. That saves your time also.
  • It is affordable and lighter in weight.
  • Improper height adjustment will eat your carpet, so you have to beware always.
  • Bulky vacuum, store is a hassle.
  • Doesn’t come with swivel teq.
  • Doesn’t go under furniture well because of its bulkiness.
Final Verdict: If you want I say about the vacuum in some few words, I will love to talk about the value and benefits of this vacuum. This vacuum weighs about 15.5 lbs, that is absolutely light-weight & easy maneuvering. Brush roll on/off switch and soft rubber wheels for easy floor to carpet cleaning. Consistency cyclonic technology and strong suction give you clean surface. With the additional tools, clean your upstairs, curtains and furniture. One more thing… It costs less than Oreck Commercial (mentioned above) and gives better service than Oreck.
#7. BISSELL CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum 73% customer would like to happily recommend this bagless upright vacuum to a friend. Aside from consistency suction power by cyclonic technology, it stands for separating specks of dirt and dust from your air and also prevents it from clogging. If you are tired of cleaning your carpet, bare floors, upstairs and area rugs, let the hassle gone by its one pass technology. It reduces your additional passes by picking up a large amount of surface debris on the initial pass thanks to it’s powerful, non-stop suction and innovative brush design. It comes with an additional attachment to give you the ultimate cleaning experience for above floor cleaning. One thing I like most of this vacuum cleaner is “Filtration system” that reduces the additional replacement costs. Bissell engineered this machine for picking up pet hair too. I like that they also run “Bissel Pet Foundation” BISSELL CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum

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  • Available 5 height adjustment settings.
  • Include additional tools for multi surface cleaning like carpets, floors, and stairs.
  • Large capacity dust cup, easy emptying by one switch.
  • One pass technology reduces additional pass as well as saves your time.
  • Multi level filtration and washable filters.
  • Cord length is short, no automatic rewind, not retractable.
  • Poor design.
  • Average noise level but not too quiet.
Final Verdict: If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that cost’s less than $100 and want all round performance, this one is for you. While having the great cleaning ability this vacuum cleaner will save your time as well as money.

#8. Panasonic MC-UG471 review, Bag Upright Vacuum

Look at the Name above. It is bagged vacuum. It is considered the top rated upright vacuum cleaner of the bagged feature with having all necessary features available. Why this is top rated? Look at below… Vacuums & Floor Care: Vacuums: Upright Vacuums: Bagged: Dual Action: Automatic Rewind: HEPA Filtration When I started to research to find a vacuum cleaner of an upright model with a bag, that also have the dual action features for cleaning both floor and carpet. Which also has automatic cord rewind and Hepa filtration feature. I found only one vacuum that is Panasonic mc-ug471 model. That is not the reason I addressing it as top rated. This sweeper got 4.3 star customer ratings for its cleaning ability and 5 star rating from over 387 satisfied customers.

This item is awarded the good housekeeping seal approval. Panasonic-MC-UG471-review-Bag-Upright-Vacuum

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  • Quieter vacuum than the other available in the market.
  • High efficiency Hepa filtration system for allergy sufferers.
  • Dual action feature for cleaning the floor to ceiling. Great for under furniture and pet hair also.
  • Strong suction with powerful 12 amp motor and 15 inch wide cleaning path save your time.
  • You can activate the automatic cord rewind with a light touch.
  • The consumer complaint about the cord length.
  • Limited warranty.
  • LED lights are not so powerful
Final Verdict: It has advanced vacuum system channel that picks up dirt and dust directly into the dust cup to protect fan and motor. It ensures the durability. This item comes with 2 Standard Wands, Crevice Tool, and dusting brush to save your time as well as money. Bonus! Air turbine brush to quickly remove pet hair from the stairs and upholstery. Some seller offers free shipping that reduces extra cost.

#9. Dyson ball multi floor reviews

Along with testing it personally, I read above 487 comments from 4-5 different website and took expert opinion before writing this part. I found 99% consumers would recommend this vacuum cleaner to a friend. Here is a screenshot of customer reviews about this model.

Dyson-ball-multi-floor-2-upright-vacuum-reviewsClick on the image above to read more customer reviews at amazon This is the screenshot from one website, I found the same ratings on every website I visited to collect the customer’s opinions about this Dyson ball Multi floor 2. Why this vacuum cleaner top rated? I know the answer to this question, as because I used it personally. If you have a variety of flooring that all needs vacuuming, none other than this would be the best for you. Earlier I mentioned at the very beginning of this post, in the first review of Dyson ball animal 2 upright that “Dyson scored highest” Among the all upright vacuums. Like the animal 2 upright, this model also certified by certified by Asthma & Allergy friendly™ (AAFC) for its amazing filtration technology and hygienic bin emptying features. While Dyson never compromises with its suction power, also improves the design and easy maneuvering.

This item is awarded the good housekeeping seal. Dyson-ball-multifloor-2-upright-vacuum

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  • Light weight, heavy duty, and quieter vacuum cleaner.
  • Multi floor self-height adjustment and sealed suction to work great in a variety of floor, without any damage.
  • Ball technology ensures instant change direction with the simple turn of the wrist, reduce your pressure.
  • 40 ft reaching area with long cord and addition wand and hose.
  • Flexible floor to ceiling cleaning with tools in the box.
  • Great suction may trouble for some time on plush carpet.
  • Beater bar on the carpet can cause you hard to push.
Final Verdict: If you are in a home that mainly has hard floors, carpets that are not too plush or a variety of floor, this vacuum cleaner from Dyson is a solid choice. Allergy sufferers may find it helpful due to its high power sealed suction. If you have more than 2 loving four-legged friend, consider buying the Dyson ball Animal 2 in that case, which took the position in #1

How to choose the best upright vacuum?

Well, there is always a big question about choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner. What to look for and what not? There is a lot of things you must consider before buying one for you. You must remember, there are different considering points for different type of the cleaner ie: upright, canister, handheld, stick, robot etc. From design to cleaning ability, maneuverability, handling, storage, features, service, durability are different different types. I’m not going to discuss all the consideration points in this post. Because there is a lot more to tell you about this topic. And additionally, you will bore by reading that type of long article at here. It’s better check our another brief article about “Choosing the best vacuum” Below I’ll just talk about points to be consider before buying the top rated upright vacuum cleaner. Pros and Cons of Upright type As you are looking the best upright vacuum cleaner, you might know the PROS and CONS of this type. If you already aware of the advantages and disadvantages Let me discuss here the summary for others.

  • The upright model tends to reduce your costs while it is cheaper than Canister. At the same time, it offers wider cleaning path.
  • These are great for deep cleaning your carpet and floor. Some works great for picking pet hair.
  • Some upright model works healthy cleaning especially the bagged version.
  • New technology, important features, and extra tools can help you clean your home around.
  • You have to push or pull throughout the cleaning.
  • These tend to be heavy rather than other models.
  • Make Noise than the canister.

Primary Consideration Points before buying the Upright Vacuum

Set Budget: This is the first point I consider when going to buy a new product. Select your budget according to your needs. Value your money. Select Bag type: Upright vacuum cleaner most commonly come in two types according to this feature. Bagged or bagless. Bagged vacuum cleaners are best for the allergy sufferer but costly than the bagless version. You have to spend for buying new bags. Bagless reusable Bin, save your money and effort. Nowadays, the bagless vacuum comes with HEPA filtration for allergy sufferers. So, say bye to the allergy forever whether you are using bagged or bagless. Floor type: Not all the vacuum cleaner good for every floor. Select your vacuum cleaner according to your floor type. If you have hardwood floor all around your home, choose one that works on the wood floor. If you have wall to wall carpet and floors, check that vacuum comes with additional features like beater brush on/off, height adjustment etc to give you the ultimate cleaning experience. Asthma & Allergy: If you have problems with Asthma and Allergy, choose the type according to bagless and bagged version that reduces 99.9+% allergy from the air you breathe. Have pet: Do you have a loving four-legged pet friend to play in your home? Not all the vacuum able to pick up the fur from carpets and all around your floor.Check a vacuum that has enough strong suction power to pick up pet hair from floor or carpet without clogging your device.

These are the primary and most important consideration points before buying an upright vacuum.

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