About Us

Hi, welcome to mybestvacuum.com. I’m very glad that you visited my site and have interest knowing about us.
This is the founder and CEO “Naimur” of of my best vacuum telling you about https://www.mybestvacuum.com. I’m also a proud owner of “X” “Y” my two favorite dogs and “Z”, the cute little cat. Actually the cat is not mine; it is my 5 years old daughter’s favorite.

I’m an Engineer and researcher in profession. I’m basically experienced in manufacturing engineering and engineering materials. But I have passion and love for vacuum cleaner. There is a reason behind this. A story, but the background of the story is painful for me.

At the early age, when my mother passed! Me and my father became hopeless in the house. After few days, when my father went to deal with our family business, I was completely alone and lonely in the house. There was no female person in our house to look after it. And I was very much frustrated in that time and didn’t care about the house, especially about cleaning it.

But again after few days past, I noticed that my father having problem with the dust. Actually the problem was for the dust curdles on carpet, furniture and Floor. He had allergens of dust.

Suddenly I made a decision to buy a vacuum cleaner which can help me to keep my house clean and fresh. I bought a vacuum cleaner from a local shop and started cleaning my house for a whole day. Wow! I still remember that day. In that day, my house was looking like something different. Fresh air, new look, dust free and completely clean.

But this didn’t stay for so long. After some days, I realized that the cleaner was not so good. It decreased it’s cleaning performance. And finally the cleaner cracked up.

I had to buy a new one for me. But this time I started research on vacuum cleaner to pick the best one for me. After a long term research on it, I found my desired vacuum. And It started working great for me. I was able to clean my house very quickly and effectively. And I continued that process for the long time.

I started learning different engineering products, materials and manufacturing process at the class. And I started researched about the vacuum cleaner in my home at the same time.

This deep research on this particular product made me experience. I just started sharing my knowledge through this blog.